Terri Hicklin

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Terri Hicklin

Show Director & Co-Producer




Terri has been a resident of Nevada County for 30 years, and has long been involved in community.


After a long career in Social Services, Terri switched career paths and went to work for local community access television in 1999, utilizing her degree in Communications. 

Community media is near and dear to her heart.

"The ever-increasing corporate take-over of our airwaves makes having a non-commercial media outlet a treasure the community needs to become aware of and utilize – a true bastion of free speech where our fellow citizens can freely share ideas, news and all manner of local events." states Terri.

She is a veteran community projects organizer, activist and volunteer.


nctv Digital Media Center - Grass Valley, CA


NCTV/Digital Media Center

Terri has been working for local community access television for 14 years.

She encourages everyone to take advantage of this amazing community resource - find out more at  http://nevadacountytv.org

Her role as the Access Coordinator has become an integral part of the evolving and exciting Media Center which is a valuable community resource.

Terri is a long-time videographer, producer and director of a number of projects that have aired on NCTV, and crews on numerous other locally produced television programs.



Community Leadership

She was also a founding board member of A.P.P.L.E and served on that board for five years,


as well as a founding member and secretary of local non-profit group, "The FARM," (Foothill Arts, Resources & Media). 




Her goal is to awaken and encourage people to become involved in their local community and to foster the creative spirit wherever it may be found.





Terri invites everyone to take advantage of the resources - find out more at ncvt





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